Life-Size Connor Kenway Statue Is Ridiculous, Awesome and Expensive

Picking up a sweet "Assassin's Creed III" action figure, sculpture or bust is one thing, but any super-fan that decides this life-size Connor Kenway statue is worth bringing home may want to rethink their priorities. After all, it may be the most expensive "Assassin's Creed III" collectible ever created... Did I mention it's life-size?

Standing almost 7-feet tall, I have to imagine it would be quite a sight in-person. Unlike those "life-size" cardboard cut-outs we see at the movie theater, this statue from Attakus truly brings Connor Kenway into the real world. It's full of detail and stands on a pretty sweet base, complete with the "Assassin's Creed III" logo and a tasteful dusting of fake snow. The base measures about 4.5-feet wide and the statue itself, which is shipped in three pieces, weighs nearly 200 pounds.

Entertainment Earth has the ultimate AC3 collectible up for pre-order right now, with shipments expected to go out sometime in June. Before you run off and place an order, however, you may want to double check the bank account. Obviously, a collectible this awesome wouldn't come cheap -- the life-size Connor Kenway statue sports a $3,599.99 price tag.

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