'Hotline Miami,' 'Dear Esther' Make Humble Indie Bundle 8 Very Attractive

You should really get at this diverse mix of acclaimed indie titles--if not for charity, then because you like to get some of the best indie games of the last year on the cheap.


It's a pretty stellar lineup this time out, with five games available in the pay-what-you-want scheme plus two more if you contribute anything above the current $5.88 average. Those last two are "Hotline Miami" and "Proteus," a stranger pairing if I've ever seen one. The other titles in the lineup are:

"Thomas Was Alone"

"Little Inferno"


"Dear Esther"


As usual, you can choose where your money goes, with Child's Play and the Electronic Frontier Foundation being two of the charities available to support with your Indie Bundle dollars.


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