'Ace Attorney' Returns To The Stage In Japan With 'Turnabout Spotlight'


He's already got a film adaptation, and now crazy-coiffed litigator Phoenix Wright has a stage adaptation (his second to date) coming to Tokyo later this summer.

The play, "Gyakuten no Spotlight," was officially announced over the weekend, with a planned run at Tokyo's Rikkoukai Hall in Kitashinagawa from July 31 to August 4. Based on the Anime News Network's description of the plot, it sounds like the story of "Turnabout Spotlight" is an adaptation of the "Turnabout Samurai" case from the first "Phoenix Wright" game. This story sees a popular television personality from the show "Steel Samurai" accused of murdering his costar, the series' villain.

It's not the first time the Capcom character has been brought to the stage: an all-female musical production ran for a month back in 2009, later getting a DVD release.

[Source: moca 2 via Anime News Network]

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