5 Thoughts on 'Tiny Tina's Assault On Dragon Keep'


The first "Borderlands" provided hours upon hours of content that only got larger with three excellent (and one kinda OK) expansions. With the launch of "Borderlands 2," Vault Hunters all over the world knew they'd be in for a treat after the main game was over with even more content courtesy of a DLC season pass. Tweaked (that's Twitter Leaked) earlier, we learned that Tiny Tina would be taking a larger storytelling role and, as the DLC name suggests, it looks we'll be in for another wild ride thanks to Gearbox.

5. An Epically, Epic Expansion

'Tiny Tina's Assault On Dragon Keep' will be big -- really, really big. Much in the same vain as the first "Borderlands" 3rd DLC, "Secret Armory of General Knoxx," TTAODK promises to be a huge addition to the the second game. Touting more missions, more areas, and more humor, this fourth add-on will larger than the last three expansions combined. Fan of shooting and looting will have dozens of hours of content to explore, loot, kill, and fulfill every checklist on the Baddass Vault Hunter handbook.


4. Tiny Tiny's Assault On Your Funnybone

Love her or hate her, Tiny Tina wormed her way into many gamers' hearts. The new DLC focuses on her and the previous Vault Hunters jumping in for a night of table top gaming with a "D&D" analogue called Bunkers & Badasses. Much of the humor comes through Tina's inability to spin a good yarn and her general ineptitude as "Bunker Master" -- often relying on random and weird decisions to add thrilling moments. This manifests in the game in ways such as a sudden invincible boss encounter or shifting the look of the environment to properly reflect the Tina's narrative. It's a neat twist that hopefully plays out when the full expansion drops in June.

3. Ye Olde Style

As this add-on takes place in a fantasy realm, Pandora equally becomes a world of fantasy tropes complete with imposing castles, mythic creatures, muddy villages, and more. The new assets mark subtle details on everything, such as the charming wood-paneled item kiosks. Additionally, new enemy types rear their ugly heads with undead skeletons and huge Ent-like tree creatures. My short time showed off clever use on these beasts and they make a great departure from the fun but overused bandits.


2. Spend That Precious Eridium

The fantasy world of 'Tiny Tina's Assault On Dragon Keep' will also make good use on all that extra purple alien ore you have piling up. The new loot chest have a geeky twist -- two D20 die that you can roll for a chance to increase the chance for better items. Rolling one dice is free, but with a little Eridum, you can double your luck with a second die. The better of the two rolls determines what you'll get. Beware, though, roll a skull and it'll be bad news for you.


That's a sick guitar solo BTW. Briefly, you'll meet the Emperor of Explosions, the Sheik of Salvo, the Don of Detonation -- Mr. Torgue in the flesh. It's a neat nod to the previous DLC and just made my day when I got to see him in person. And, really this what TTAODK is kinda all about -- fan-service at the highest degree while adding in a massive expansion for fans to explore and love.

'Tiny Tina's Assault On Dragon Keep' will be available for PC, PS3, and XBox 360 on  June 25th. It's included in the Season Pass but can be purchased separately for $9.99.

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