It's Your Destiny To Watch This New 'Destiny' Trailer


Are you done groaning over that dumb headline? Yes? Great.

So what was all that exposition about wolf packs and laws of the jungle have anything to do with robots on the moon? I hate to break it you, Gus, but there aren't any jungles on the moon or Mars. Also, wolves don't live in jungles. I mean, maybe a panther? Right? They're jungle cats. But I don't think panthers have packs -- listen I'm getting away from the cool visuals. Just watch the video and you can make up your own mind about what it means.

Everything we know about Bungie's "Destiny" shows a multifaceted approach to narrative and gameplay to present a unique experience for all players. As the trailer only shows some pre-rendered fights cut with a few moments of a father detailing the benefits of running with the pack, we're not given too much in terms of scope. Until we get our hands on the final product, we'll just have to use our imaginations. Fortunately, there will be an official "Destiny" gameplay reveal on June 10th, during Sony's PlayStation E3 Press Conference so we'll see what the Bungie's been up to after passing the torch to 343.

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