Stealthy Mother Badger Beats Up Fox in new 'Shelter' Trailer

by Joseph Leray

The last time I wrote about "Shelter," the new stealth game about baby badgers from Swedish outfit Might & Delight, I mentioned that I would have a full-on come-apart if any of my cubs were harmed. This is, predictably, exactly what happens in this new gameplay trailer.

"Behold," Might & Magic seem to say. "Behold the dangers that await your precious cete of badgers: starvation, fox attacks, forest fires, the talons of a swooping eagle!" The ESRB warns that this "Shelter" trailer "may contain content inappropriate for children," which is true: watching a badger cub be snatched up by some hungry raptor is the worst thing I've seen all day. Zombies notwithstanding, this is survival horror.

Luckily, our mustelid matriarch has a mean headbutt: smash a tree to make fruit fall out; smash a fox to make him leave your cubs alone.

In any case, nature's cruel indifference to the suffering of cute, squeaky things is the kind of gutpunch that I look for in games, so you better believe I Greenlighted "Shelter" with all deliberate speed.

"Shelter" will be available on Windows and Mac sometime this summer.

[Shelter on Steam Greenlight]