App of the Week: 'Combo Crew'

Playing the mobile version of "Street Fighter" was... well, excruciating. In my experience virtual d-pads and buttons just don't work – not for these stubby fingers at least. And considering that mobile devices provide input options unique to the platform, why wouldn't developers focus more on taking advantage of those? "Combo Crew" does. It's a brawler that replaces virtual d-pads and buttons with touch screen controls like swipes and taps. Imagine that, a touch-based fighter that utilizes gesture controls, and does it well.

The core concept driving the game is simple: your chosen character is essentially tossed into the ring with a number of different bad guys. Your goal is to use various swipes, taps and multi-touch gestures to pull of combos and put your enemies down for a nice, quiet dirt nap. As you progress you'll earn coins and other in-game currencies that will help unlock new combos and characters.

Adding to the fun are your Game Center friends, who you are able to compare scores with and more. The best part about having other friends that play the game is that they can help you if you're getting beat up. For instance, if the baddies get the best of you, you're able to call for help, asking a friend to finish the match. If they're successful you'll both be awarded with an in-game bonus. Of course, you don't need to have friends to play, going solo is fully acceptable.

The art style is another thing that really stands out. When you first load up Combo Crew you'll notice it really has a unique look and feel. It doesn't feel like you're just jumping into another Angry Birds clone or some other knock-off. Even though It may have been compared to Street Fighter, Combo Crew is definitely a game all it's own. The Game Bakers definitely have something worthwhile here, and it's probably the only mobile brawler I've truly enjoyed my time with. It's available now for $1.99 via Google Play and the App Store, so go check it out.

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