'N' version 2.0 Adds New Features and Multiplayer, Available Now for Free

by Joseph Leray

Show of hands: who remembers "N" or Metanet Software? Way back in Ye Olden Days of 2004, Metanet released "N," a physics-enabled ninja platforming game. It was popular for a time, eventually warranting the release of "N+" to Xbox Live Arcade, the DS, and the PSP.

You could also argue that "N" paved the way for future platformers like Team Meat's "Super Meat Boy," games that focused on speed, precision, and quick, brutal death."N" may feel barebones in comparison, but it's one of the most successful and longest-running Flash-based games I can think of. A whopping eight years into things, Metanet have released "N" 2.0.

It's a free download for Mac, Windows, and Linux and it includes a host of new features. The latest and greatest version of "N" introduces an account system which gives players access to a massive database of user-generated levels, including some from "N+." You'll also be able to create and share your own levels with a built-in editor (called Ned). Lastly, "N" version 2.0 includes local co-op multiplayer.

A full account of the changes and updates can be found here.

Metanet Software are ostensibly working on a new game, too: the creatively titled "N++." Details there are predictably scarce, but in the meantime, while away the workday with a playable web version of "N" 2.o.

[Metanet Software]

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