'Diablo III' Infographic Sheds Light on One Year's Worth of Demon-Slaying

by Joseph Leray

Diablo III

To celebrate the one-year anniversary of "Diablo III," Blizzard have concocted a handy-dandy infographic full of stats, curios, and comparisons to illustrate, I'm assuming, how successful and popular the game has been.

It's a big, meaty graphic, though, so the best way to view it is to navigate to the "Diablo III" blog and embiggen it from there. It's the easiest way to see, for example, that 14.5 million different people created characters in "Diablo III," or that Witch Doctor is the least popular class in normal and Hardcore modes.

I do have a quibble, though: the average number of daily users since "Diablo III"'s launch last year is listed at 2.1 million, while the average number of hours played per day is 8.2 million. I'm no statistician, but this would suggest that the average player logs into "Diablo III" four hours per day. Maybe I'm underestimating the people's devotion to slaughtering demons and putting things into the Nephalem Cube, but I doubt most adults have four hours of free time every day.

The "Diablo III" infographic is also a neat case study in the power of comparative statistics. Blizzard notes that 67.1 million different characters have been created in the past year, which is roughly the population of Thailand. I can use my imagination and more or less understand that Thailand is a small county full of people cooking delicious food.

However, Blizzard also explains that "Diablo III" players have burned almost 4.7 billion calories, just by click-click-clicking on monsters, apparently enough to work off over 28 million donuts. That's neat, but I don't really have a framework to think about 28 million donuts. 

If Blizzard really wanted to make me understand the countless players enjoying their product, they'd do well to give me numbers that are easier to work with.


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