"Call of Duty: Ghost"'s Mocap Dog Joins Video Gaming's Kennel of Champions


Interceptor, Dogmeat, that giggling jaggoff pooch from Duck Hunt, and now -- Mocap Dog. Look at him. He's so cute in his little red jumpsuit. You're a mocap dog; yes yoooooouuu are! I bet you want a million scritches.

Additionally, there's BTS footage about some new Call of Duty game after the jump -- but more importantly DOGGIES!!!

Infinity Ward shows off a bunch of new features and visuals you can expect for Next-Gen consoles -- crsisper details, better AI, customizable MP avatars, and that furry friend will join your squad. Story-wise, IW pushes out from the Modern Warfare showing a fictionalized and broken Us that's struggling against superior forces and you'll take up the mantel as one of best of the best of the best(sir) elite soldier. Details are a little light so expect a fuller showcase in a few weeks at E3!

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