'GB Video Games Quiz' App Challenges You To Remember Old Game Boy Games


Think you know everything about Nintendo's old Game Boy handhelds? Well, a new app for iPhone and iPad will literally put you to the test. "GB Video Games Quiz" delivers exactly what the title implies, asking gamers to name a slew of old Game Boy titles they've probably forgotten about.

The free app really isn't anything to write to home about, but the entire thing is done up in classic Game Boy style. Once you load it up the screen reverts to that old 8-bit glory, and the sounds bring back memories lodged in the back of my brain next to thoughts of that time I finally beat my grandma at Tetris -- she totally let me win.

I wouldn't go so far as to call "GB Video Games Quiz" a trivia game, but it's pretty entertaining. Players will basically just scroll through different "levels" featuring a virtual keyboard and an old Game Boy screenshot. The goal is to guess the title of the game displayed, which is pretty darn easy when the screenshot is of a Monopoly board. What really drew me into "GB Video Games Quiz" is just getting to go through and look at all the Game Boy games I forgot about -- "Toy Story" anyone?

If Game Boy really isn't your thing Undercoders have some other choices available, including the "NES Video Games Quiz" app. They're free, so head over to the App Store and check them out if your feeling a little nostalgic.


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