Ecksbawks 1 haz no gaems

We just put up our 10 best moments of the Xbox live stream but one Redditer seemed a bit miffed at the negligence of MS to reveal many games while poking fun of the VO commands. It's not all sunshine though and Kiala, while excited about the reveal, has laid out some of the disappointing portions of the event.

My main gripe is that there will essentially be two identical systems to come out hardware-wise with the separation focused on services. Back in my day, you had schoolyard brawls over who would win in a fight -- Mario or Sonic. Now we've moved away from killer apps, and moved to -- well killer, uh, apps... swiping... air gestures -- listen it's different and I'm scared! It's the grey goo future of games when everything has been assimilated into one desktop service beast!

We'll just have to wait and see.

[Via Reddit]

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