Top 10 Best Xbox One Live Stream Moments


Xbox One, huh? Better than Durango and way better than Xbox 720 though I still think it should be called NeXtBox ~ sigh. Anyways big, big news from the live event earlier. Here's our top 10 favorite parts!

1. We Saw The Console And Specs

No offense to Sony, but we gamers are hardware fiends and nothing gets us revved more than actually seeing what'll eventually be home to a million dust bunnies in eight to ten years. Microsoft smartly choose to show off the new look of the Xbox and... it's another techno-suave black box -- OK not the most awe inspiring design but it's still cool to see (check it out above). Additionally, we learned that both new consoles -- the PS4 and Xbox One -- will feature a lot of the same basic specs. Xbox One will have a 8G ram, 500G HDD, built in wi-fi, and HDMI in/out. So the real test between both systems will come down to service.


2. New (Updated) Controller

Some would argue that the Xbox 360 controller is already perfect -- except for one terrible crosspad. Even the updated, transforming D-Pd only sorta fixes the problem. The new Xbox One -- wait hold on Xbox One... Won? Is this some kind of subconscious marketing name in which us feeble minded will associate Xbox having won the console war? -- sorry.. the controller! Yes, that blurry screen grab shows off a new D-Pad along with adjustable button/trigger input sensitivity and an integrated battery it could be the best gamepad ever.


3. Saving Private Jenkins

What the what?! Steven Spielberg has been tapped to produce a live action Halo series for TV -- pretty much every dudebro and "Halo" fanatic has been wanting since day one. While "Forward Unto Dawn" was mostly a pretty OK miniseries, it didn't have Spielberg's magical touch. No stranger to brutally realistic war movies, it'll be interesting to see what he can add to the franchise. I'm actually hoping that he steers away from the ol' MC and focuses on an ODST squad ripe for interpersonal stories and gritty battles.

4. Switching Between Applications

The last gen promised so much about dominating the living room and in many ways it has. Both PS3 and Xbox 360 brought new video formats, streaming video, and entirely integrated online presence. While Sony may have won the format war with Blu ray, one cannot dismiss the ubiquity of XBL and it's services. This time Microsoft hopes to dominate the full living-room experience with seamless transitioning from games, movies, TV, internet, and music. I'm especially looking forward to how this might change the idea of gaming platform into an all-in-one entertainment center.


5. A Machine For Sports Fans

Are you a sports fan? If so, the Xbox One might be built just for you. With an upgraded way to watch your favorite team while also updating stats real time for your fantasy team. It seems like MS went a little overboard with all the TV and sports connectivity but it's to be expected in order to cast a wide net for new adopters. Acting as a potential cable box, we may see even more applications beyond the pigskin fanatic -- maybe even an À la carte style subscription model.

6. Stronger Online Presence

300,000 servers, cloud saves, streaming games, asynchronous server searching, game DVR complete with editing and sharing tools, Christ! MS is going all out to conquer online. Though nothing was mentioned about a new tiered payment model we were promised a bunch of neat stuff to boost how we create and share our online experience.

7. Blu ray Player

HD DVD loyalist are even happy about this one. Welcome to 7 years ago Xbox. Now I can finally watch that special addition of "Mac and Me" on BRD.

8. Kinect Included

In some ways Kinect was positioned as "the next xbox" in so much that those happy, smiling people on the box art seemed to be engaged with a whole dimension of control. The reality is slightly mixed with several me-too motion games and tacked on VO controls, the Kinect never gained that much for core players. Maybe with a quantified install base, developers will explore better ways to integrate Kinect 2.0?

9. Eight New IPs...

... that were not shown. Guess we'll just have to wait until E3 to see what they are but we did get a quick look at Forza 5, FIFA 14, and new Remedy Game's eerie, psychic girl slash global disaster slash time warping sci-fi game Quantum Break. What other games might be revealed at E3?


Woof, woof I'm your new best friend... and I've brought you explosions!

10. Call of Duty: Ghosts

OK "Call of Duty" is a pretty big deal regardless if you're into that or not. With double digit millions of sales it's gaming's King Kong. While Activision has teased us here and there we finally get an idea of how IW will claim that number one spot after the mixed fallout from MW2 to MW3. Also, we get dog buddy and his name is Scout and we'll love him forever! New trailer below.

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