Call of Duty: Ghosts - My God, It's Full of Math!

By Kevin Kelly


By now you've probably heard about the Xbox One, Microsoft's new game console that was announced today. That reveal also included a deep dive into Call of Duty: Ghosts, the upcoming shooter in the ongoing series from Activision, due out this November. We were able to get a sneak peek at the title last week, and were treated to an underwater sequence from the game that involved following an enemy submarine and destroying it.

We were also treated to millions of polygons and big-ticket words like "tessellation," and Activison stressed that this level of graphic fidelity is only possible because of the upcoming next-gen system like the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4. This was illustrated with a video that compared Modern Warfare 3 to Ghosts, and the difference was extremely noticeable. Every detail was increased in Ghosts, and the most striking visual was provided by the German Shepherd K-9 unit that will be joining you in the game. Those of you who have been terrified by the killer dogs in previous CoD titles will fall in love with this furry buddy.

There were also plenty of videos showing overlays of triangles over game screens, meant to show us how the graphics improve exponentially when switched to next-gen. But when you pop the game into one of these systems, you won't be counting triangles. You'll be seeing more detail, less motion blur that was meant to hide blocky circles on iron sights (they look perfectly round now), and more. Will it make a difference to most players? We hope so. We asked if this meant improved hitboxes in multiplayer, and were told that "there are multiple improvements and features coming to multiplayer in Call of Duty: Ghosts." So, cross your fingers.

COD Ghosts_In The Weeds

COD Ghosts_Deep Dive

COD Ghosts_Something's Burning


COD Ghosts_Jungle Environment