Forging Cloud's Buster Sword


Tony Swatton and the folks at Man At Arms are truly doing God's work; this time by recreating Final Fantasy fanboy favorite -- the Buster Sword.

No stranger to forging famous swords and weapons from popular video games (see his take on "Mincraft"'s diamond sword), Tony and the whole team lend their skilled hands at tackling the monumental weapon -- crafting it out of 6 feet of aircraft aluminum. The blade is a fairly simple shape, but some of the real art comes with etching details in the hilt and casting a bronze pommel. After drilling out the materia slots and applying a finish to give it a more used steel look, the guys take the iconic sword out back to finish off some plastic bottles, watermelons, and one sinister looking Tweety.

Weighing around 70 plus pounds, Cloud's Buster Sword is sure to give any potential cosplayer pause about lugging around a con. Still, it's an amazing showpiece provided you have a strong enough wall mount.

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