Will Microsoft Bring The Immersive IllumiRoom Concept To Their May 21 Xbox Reveal?

Will the Kinect finally be integrated (and essential) to the Xbox experience? Has Microsoft finally shrugged off the wounds of their HD DVD foray and finally embraced Blu-ray? Will the next Xbox require an always-on connection and vomit out used discs? Excitement for the next Microsoft console has been tempered by doubt as the software giant has allowed the narrative to sort of run away with itself. Really, they should have been showing more stuff like IllumiRoom to keep us interesting.

CVG reports that the Kinect and projector concept, which throws in-game visuals and effects onto the wall surrounding your screen, would make its official during tomorrow's Xbox event in Redmond.

Afer scanning your play space, Microsoft says their IllumiRoom can "change the appearance of the room, induce apparent motion, extend the field of view, and enable entirely new game experiences." While it doesn't materially affect gameplay, it seems, it's one of those cool, drop-you-into-the-game kinds of things that's simply cool.

If it works, it would mean that Microsoft has figured out additional functionality for the Kinect in low-light settings, lighting issues being one of the major annoyances of their motion control hardware in the current console cycle. The video above is simply a proof of concept, but if Microsoft brought it to their event tomorrow, then it would be clear that it's leaped from concept to actual project.


[Source: CVG]

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