Sébastien Barkici Goes Minimalist With This Collection Of Video Game Posters

Sébastien Barkici-metal-gear-solid

Artist and designer Sébastien Barkici reduces franchises like "Final Fantasy," "Assassin's Creed," and "Metal Gear Solid" down to their barest visual components in this series of video game posters. While I think the "MGS" poster is the most striking, I have to say, I love how he pared down three corporate mascots--Mario, Sonic, and Pac-Man--down to their base colors. Clear, iconic, and recognizable (although I would have gone for a darker shade of blue for Sonic). The trick here is to evoke without cluttering the image with excessive detail (I'm a little lost on the "Final Fantasy" one--is it a crystal motif?).

After the jump, check out more of Barkici's deceptively simple work.

[Source: Sébastien Barkici via dotcore]

Sébastien Barkici-final-fantasy

Sébastien Barkici-assassins-creed

Sébastien Barkici-teenage-mutant-ninja-turtles

Sébastien Barkici-the-sims

Sébastien Barkici-sonic-the-hedgehog

Sébastien Barkici-pac-man

Sébastien Barkici-super-mario-bros

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