Kevin Conroy Confirms He's Voicing Batman In A New 'Arkham' Game

Pretty much at the start of the video above from this weekened's Dallas Comic Con, longtime animated and video game DCU voice actor Kevin Conroy revealed that he'd spent the last "9-10 months" working on the next "Arkham" game.

While Conroy doesn't call out WB Montreal's "Batman: Arkham Origins," he says that the title he's been working on has already been announced, and that the reveal of the voice cast was strictly down to the studio attempting to control the flow of information about the project. If that's the case, then when a WB Montreal rep was speaking with a South African publication about the prequel, they were either misquoted or outright lying about Conroy's involvement in the game, saying that with a younger Batman taking center stage in "Origins," they wanted to go in another direction.

Conroy's been voicing the Dark Knight in some form or other for over 20 years now, across the award-winning "Batman: The Animated Series," "Batman Beyond," Justice League," as well as the theatrical release "Batman: Mask of the Phantasm" and the direct-to-video "Batman: Return of the Joker."

We had our own thoughts about some of the villains who might show up to take out the Batman in October's "Batman: Arkham Origins."

[Source(s): Arkhamverse via NeoGaf via Go Nintendo]

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