'BlazBlue' Anime Getting A Fall Release In Japan


Moetron reports that Arc Systems' magic/science/weirdness-based 2D fighter "BlazBlue" is getting an anime adaptation this fall from teamKG and Hoods Entertainment.

The developer made the official announcement over the weekend at the Arc Fes/Arc Revo event, while a recent "BlazBlue" light novel teased the series in a short strip, announcing that the series had been greenlit for production. The series is called "BlazBlue: Alter Memory," and although the report doesn't provide any details about the story, the show will retain the original voice cast from the games.

Let me try to parse some of the story details from Wikipedia and explain exactly what's going on in these games: after six magic/science-wielding heroes defeat something called the Black Beast during the First War of Magic, a second War of Magic was kicked off after society splintered thanks to those able to use the new fusion of powers grabbing a bigger piece of the socioeconomic pie. How does that lead to people punching and kicking each other in a fighting game? Well, years later, a disparate collection of characters goes after Ragna AKA the Grim Reaper, who's destroyed a major government facility and earned the ire of the ruling political faction, the NOL.

Yeah, I'm as baffled as you are, but somehow director Tachibana Hideki and writer Takahashi Tatsuya will be able to craft something out of it that people want to see. Hoods Entertainment is the animation house behind "Mysterious Girlfriend X" and "Attack on Titan."

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