'New Super Luigi U' DLC Gets Release Date And More


Nintendo has finally revealed a release date for the upcoming "New Super Luigi U," but the bigger surprises were the reveal of a new playable character coming to the DLC pack, along with a standalone retail version that will be available shortly after the eShop version.

"New Super Luigi U" puts Mario's taller brother in the spotlight, removing the red-hatted plumber from the equation altogether. The retail version will deliver everything the downloadable version does, but it's aimed at players who do not own "New Super Mario Bros. U," allowing them to get in on the action without the original game.

Because Mario won't be present at all, Nintendo is introducing a new playable character in multiplayer modes. Nabbit, the devilish creature players chase down to retrieve items stolen from Toad Houses, will take Mario's place alongside Luigi and the Toads in multiplayer. Unlike the other characters, Nabbit can't be hurt by enemies, but he's also banned from using power-ups.


"New Super Luigi U" will be available as DLC for "New Super Mario Bros. U" beginning June 20th, with a price tag of $19.99. The standalone copy will retail for $29.99 and will hit shelves August 24th.

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