'Animal Crossing' Developers Pick Their Favorite Characters

Animal Crossing: New Leaf

One of the signature features of the Animal Crossing series, since its original release back on the N64 in Japan in 2001, has been its cast of colorful characters. Over the franchise's handful of releases there have been hundreds of friendly villagers for players to get to know. With each animal having its own unique look and personality players are bound to have their favorites. Whether it’s the talented musician, K.K. Slider, the humorous Kapp'n, or the polarizing Resetti, there's always someone that appears in your town that's refreshing to see. We recently had a chance to ask some of the developers of the latest "Animal Crossing" game, "New Leaf," who their favorites were, both from the franchise and from the latest game, some of their answers may surprise you.

Animal Crossing: New Leaf

One of the most important developers behind the "Animal Crossing" series, Mr. Katsuya Eguchi, a man that has been involved with these games since the franchise's inception, had a hard time choosing just one character, especially since so many characters were added in "New Leaf," however he was able to settle on a couple.

"One of my favorite characters from the franchise is the pig character named 'Rasher.'"

"And, of course in 'New Leaf,' his favorite is Isabelle, the new character that becomes the secretary for the mayor. All the actions she makes, how she talks, and she's kind of clumsy in a way - just everything about her is so cute."

Animal Crossing: New Leaf

"Animal Crossing: New Leaf" Producer, Ms. Aya Kyogoku, opted for a feline and a familiar face.

"I have so many favorite characters in the series. My favorite character from the franchise is Tabby, she is one of the cat characters."

"From 'Animal Crossing New Leaf,' of course Isabelle is one of my favorite characters, but also K.K. Slider, now spins at Club LOL, not just as K.K. Slider on Saturday nights, but other nights when you go to Club LOL, you'll see him as DJ K.K.. So I enjoy going to the club and listening to other music from DJ K.K."

Animal Crossing: New Leaf

Mr. Isao Moro, another Producer on "New Leaf," also chose a kitty and another returning character that shows up in a completely different role.

"For the franchise, I also like a cat character, Mitzi, because the cat looks like my own cat at home."

"From 'Animal Crossing New Leaf,' my favorite is Tortmore. As you know he was the previous mayor, and now he is retired and enjoying his life on a tropical island, and I love that lifestyle that he has now. "


Now that you know who the team behind the "Animal Crossing" are keen to, tell us who your favorites are, and if they line up with the team at Nintendo's choices. You're going to have to wait a few weeks to spend some time with the "New Leaf" villagers though, since that game won't be out until June 9.

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