'GTFO,' Doc About Sexual Harrassment In Gaming Is Kickstarted

Wherever you fall in the gender spectrum, you probably know what proceeds "GTFO" when you're playing online. There's a weird trigger for some male gamers out there, a bizarre response to finding out that the player on the other end of an infinite number of connections happens to be female: they want--nay, demand--to see skin. Maybe, to these gamers' minds, there's no serious reason that a female gamer is online, so why not troll and harass them until they either A., show some skin, or B. GTFO.

New York-based filmmaker Shannon Sun-Higginson takes a look at this phenomena in her recently fully-backed documentary, "GTFO," which has exceeded its $20,000 goal by a cool $13k.

The purpose of this documentary is to reveal the experiences of women in the gaming world, both good and bad, as well as to provide steps we can take to change the environment for the better.

Sun-Higgson says she came to the project as a casual gamer who learned about the pervasive and crappy attitudes that some knuckle-dragging segments of the gaming community have and wanted to investigate it through interviews with scholars, developers, bloggers, and gamers.

While Sun-Higgson had already filmed the interviews for "GTFO," she took to Kickstarter to get completion and promotion funds with a planned DVD release of March of 2014 (and appearances throughout the festival circuit between now and then).

This isn't her first project to launch: she directed the 2008 documentary short "Hapa Perspectives" about mixed-race Asian/white young adults which aired on Current TV.

[Source: Game Industry]

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