Some Quick Thoughts About "The Bureau"


I only got about half an hour with the game which I wrote about ealier today. But if you don't want to read a long preview I made a quick round-up of what "The Bureau" is all about.

Get To Know "The Others"

"XCOM" has a vast array of classic alien types -- from the classic Sectoids to hulking Mutons, each species seems to be in on the fun and present a unique challenge to overcome. It's great to see that the classic baddies are all well represented. There were command units that could buff lower class enemies as well as an appearance of the visciously tough Muton. I especially am looking forward to the pregession of the Thin Man creatures along with the possessed citizens. I do hope to see a few twists along the way and maybe a new alien or two.

Close Encounters With The Third Kind

Set pieces are all geared towards close quarters combat as you'll route from chest high walls and and barriers to find the best possible position. Likewise, enemies will vault and sprint to cover as you're discovered and attempt to gain an advantage. The aliens seem pretty smart at the get-go but on normal you should only have to mildly flex the grey matter. Harder difficulties should prove more punishing given "XCOM"'s pedigree.

Class Warfare

Carter is the main man when it comes down to it but opting to go solo will get you killed. Instead, learn to lead the pack by staying behind and assessing the situation. Your squadmates are competent and they're there to be your eyes and -- most importantly -- your fist. Using their skills is paramount and never leave an ability unsused as they all have their place. For instance, engineers can deploy a turret to draw aggro and do a little chip damage while the soldier class has a crowd management skill that can knock aliens out of cover setting them up for a head shot. Check out each type of soldier to see what works best.

Space Age Scenery

2K Marin chose to create an origin story of the XCOM program and as such picked a politically charged time in history -- Cold War 1962. Intended to combat foreign threats, XCOM bandded together agent from all the major government agencies. Instead of finding commie spies, they quickly learned the threat was from outer space. Additionally, the Space Race is in full swing and as such XCOM employs the latest in advanced science. As Agent Carter, you'll have access to the latest weaponry from recovered alien tech. The Anywhere, USA look and feel also adds to the narrative as this alien invasion coincides perfectly with the threat of the unkown.

Down But Not Out

Your team is reliant on your ability to lead but if you push them too far they might end up as cannon fodder. If you want to make it through a mission, you'll need to keep a healty roster of well experienced recruits. At certain times, you'll be able to resupply and swap out soldiers. It's a good idea to take advantage of this to keep a well-rounded group of reliable agents in case you need a quick replacment...

...But Don't Save Scum

some of the best experiences "XCOM" and "The Bureau" can provide is an extremely tense rescue attempt of your favorite and most experienced teammate. Constantly reloading just to make it through could diminish your story and never give you the opportunity to see how good you really are when the chips are down. What makes "XCOM" so interesting is the moment to moment battle and how a harrowing victory makes you feel like a tactical master.

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