New 'Pokemon X and Y' Details Emerge: Mounts, Setting and More

A recent feature in Japanese magazine CoroCoro has revealed a handful of new details on "Pokemon X" and "Pokemon Y," including the games' interesting new setting and the first Pokemon that trainers will actually be able to ride.

Surprisingly, the new Pokemon games look to be set in a region appearing as an alternate version of France, called Kalos. Miare City will act as the imaginary region's version of Paris.

Scans of the magazine (via Serbeii) also reveal that players will be able to customize their trainer to some extent, modifying hair and skin color after selecting from standard templates. Trainers will also be introduced to a new rideable Pokemon, dubbed Gogoat.

In addition to Gogoat, three other new Pokemon have been revealed – bird Pokemon Yayakoma, the lizard-like Erikiteru and a what looks to be a panda bear relative, Yancham.

"Pokemon X" and "Pokemon Y" are slated to release for Nintendo 3DS later this year.

[via IGN]

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