‘Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Dual Destinies’ Finally Confirmed For The West

Eight years older, Ace Attorney Phoenix Wright is back in a new game for the 3DS.

So now Phoenix can make his famous objections in 3D. The sequel formerly known as simply “Ace Attorney 5” will pit Wright Anything Agency against former rival Winston Payne’s son Gaspen through a series of cases, starting with a mysterious explosion which rips through a courtroom.

While most of the gameplay appears to be intact from previous entries in the investigative series (search environments, present evidence at trial), the twist this time around is that Phoenix can use Attorney Athena Cykes’ “Mood Matrix” ability to determine the emotional state of witnesses to determine if they’re either happy, angry, or sad.

In the announcement, Capcom revealed that “Dual Destinies” would be out here in the U.S. sometime this fall.

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