Would A Blood-filled Pool Get You Interested In 'Resident Evil: Revelations HD?'


Hey U.K. readers: is it normal for promotions outside of games to get really, really weird? Like, do big horror movies open up interactive morgues or something equally elaborate and potentially grotesque?

Capcom is the latest to join in on the attention-grabbing/disconnected from the product marketing with an upcoming promotion where the U.K. arm of the publisher will fill a 55,000 gallon swimming pool with blood with swag on the bottom for the very limited number of fans brave enough to bob for "Resident Evil" merchandise.

The publisher's marketing team is billing it as the first ever “the first ever blood filled swimming pool” with torso floatation devices at London's Jupiter's Wharf from May 25th to the 26th. Only 100 tickets will be available each day (you can get them here) for the "Resident Evil: Revelations HD: event.

Capcom's U.K. PR team says they're going off the beaten path here for a zombie promotion, offering a "shocking, gory and an incredibly disturbing experience – the perfect way to show that survival horror is back with a bang for 'Resident Evil Revelations'”

It's weird, but it's not, you know, insane like Sony's legendarily gross decapitated goat stunt for "God of War II" or the black/white marketing for the PSP in the Netherlands.

[Source: MCV via Game Politics]

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