I'll Stop Talking Up Rockstar's 'Manhunt' If You Get It On PSN Next Week


This morning, Rockstar announced that the gory most dangerous game would be coming to PSN. It'll be hanging out in the PS2 Classics section starting May 14th for $9.99, about ten years after its initial release on Sony's last console.

In the game, you "step back into the shoes of James Earl Cash, a Death Row inmate playing that most dangerous game of kill-or-be-killed at the mercy of the maniacal Lionel Starkweather."

"Manhunt" was previously released on the Xbox and PC as well, and was one of the grimiest, sleaziest, and expertly-crafted experiences of the previous console generation, stripping away the vicarious thrill of the kill by making each execution a protracted and brutal affair. The game felt evil, but in a way that was deliberate: you wanted poor James Earl to survive but you had to do some dirt to make that happen. The horrible utility of the violence in "Manhunt" never really let you off the hook, a constant reminder that yes, this was in fact a "murder simulator" and murder is horrible.

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