Bungie Reveals 'Destiny' Classes, Enemies and World Details

Bungie, the team that introduced the world to "Halo," has updated the official "Destiny" website with new info on the Guardians players will control, the enemies they'll be up against and the worlds they'll traverse.

First up are the Guardian bios, which explain that "Warlocks have long studied the Traveler, mastering some of its arcane energies. Its true purpose still remains a great mystery, but discovering truth has always driven you into the unknown. Now, our enemies are the only thing that stands between you and the lost wonders of our Golden Age."

Next there's the bulky Titan class: "The first Titans built the Wall, and gave their lives to defend it. Now, you stand in the same high place, steadfast and sure, protecting all who shelter in your shadow. You hail from a long line of heroes, forged from strength and sacrifice. Our enemies may be deadly and merciless, but so are you."

Finally we're introduced to the Hunters, who seem like reformed criminals in a sense: "Hunters once prowled the wilderness and wastelands, taking big risks for even bigger rewards. You're no outlaw—at least, not anymore—but making your own luck has always meant bending the rules. Your unique brand of daring and ingenuity is needed now more than ever."

The update goes on to give us just a bit of information on the locations featured in Destiny, including Abandoned Earth and the Moon, along with blank teaser pages for Mars and Venus. Enemies have also been detailed with The Fallen described as a scourge "tirelessly engaged in war against us and scavenging all that remains." Less is known about The Cabal however, who are believed to be centered around Mars, though their true might is unknown.

"Destiny" is currently in development for PS3, PS4 and Xbox 360. Though nothing as been confirmed, the game is also believed to be in the works for Microsoft's next Xbox.

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