Meet The Infected With This New ‘The Last Of Us’ Video

Naughty Dog taps into the idea of fungal infections for the zombie-like enemies Joel and Ellie will have to sneak by or otherwise blow apart in the soon to be released “The Last of Us” video game. The latest ViDoc explores this idea a bit further and introduces you to the various types of creepies you’ll encounter.

Cordyceps — for the uninitiated — are sort of the IRL version of the Flood from “Halo” in a way and they’re a pretty terrifying concept to consider! Here [WARNING: ICKY] is what these parasites are capable of in the insect world, so the leap to humanity is ripe with wicked and gross ideas. Additionally, the various stages of infection work to ND’s advantage by providing an array of enemy types to play against. Find out more in the below video.

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