Does A Horror Fan Sh*T In The Woods? Find Out By Greenlighting 'The Forest'


From "Amnesia" to "Slender: The Arrival" there's been a huge revival for horror-survival fans on the indie and small dev team scene. Now we have "The Forest" -- a potential Steam Greenlight entry which looks to blend first person survival with exploration, crafting, fighting elements -- and mutant cannibals!

Coming down from the sweat-inducing "Slender" I'm not so sure I'm ready to venture back into a spooky forest, but this new horror game is giving me another reason to pretend to be brave.

As you would expect, the trailer only shows off a few momemts of Pre-Alpha, proof-of-concept gameplay with a soundtrack eerily similar to that "Dead Island" trailer. The premise seems pretty straightforward though -- you're a dude who miraculously survives a plane crash only to find himself stranded and not-so-alone in a densly foreboding forest. At first glance it seems like a vastly up-resed "Minecraft," what with the felling of trees to create shelter, fire, and crude tools. But soon enough, you'll discover that those screeching noises emanating deep within the woods are not your average friendly woodland creatures. Hopefully it'll shape up to be another in the quickly growing genre of first person survival horror and as a bonus the devs are adding Oculus Rift support for complete immersion!

Check out more of "The Forest" here and here.

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