BioWare Showing Off A Next-gen Title At E3, But Don't Expect 'Star Wars' From EA In Fiscal 2014


Although we had our own thoughts about what it meant for EA to pick up the "Star Wars" license in an exclusive deal with Disney, we didn't imagine it would mean the publisher would immediately start cranking out games based on the franchise. Indeed, in this week's conference call with investors, EA has stated outright that we shouldn't expect the first game until sometime after the end of fiscal year 2014 (after September 30, 2014).

This makes sense given that the next new "Star Wars" film won't be in theaters until the summer of 2015, and Disney and EA will probably want to go nuts with an onslaught of marketing surrounding its release and tie-in games, toys, etc.

What we can expect is the first reveal at E3 from BioWare's upcoming next-gen project. BioWare will also be demoing "Dragon Age 3" during the show, so this sounds like it'll be something we haven't yet heard about. Maybe the next installment of "Mass Effect?"

[Source: Game Informer]

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