Bethesda Bringing New 'Wolfenstein' Shooter To Current And Next Gen Consoles


And it's coming next year from Swedish developer MachineGames, home to a bunch of former Starbreeze devs (the folks behind "The Chronicles of Riddick" and the first "Darkness" game). In the short and sweet press release (no story details, nada), Bethesda described the shooter as "a eimagining of this franchise – offering players a gripping and dramatic experience," and it's being developed using id Tech 5.

One thing the team at Starbreeze knows how to do well is deliver visceral first-person games: both Riddick and Jackie Estacado had weight to their movements in their respective games, and each found ways to make the grime and grit of their environments feel threatening and oppressive. How that will translate to what is likely another WWII shooter (with monsters and such, obviously), remains to be seen.

Beyond the title and logo, Bethesda's holding all reveals to a series of exclusives with Gamespot starting May 8, so you might want to head over there if you want to learn more about the shooter.

The last time we returned to Castle Wolfenstein, it was with Raven Software's simply-titled "Wolfenstein" from 2009, which allowed old B.J. Blazkowicz to slip in and out of "the veil" where he could fight supernatural Nazis and slow down time.

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