This Functional 'Dead Space' Plasma Cutter Replica Can Burn Stuff

The Plasma Cutter featured in EA's "Dead Space" franchise is an undeniably powerful tool-turned-weapon, and YouTube hobbyist AnselmoFanZero has brought it to life, creating a functional replica. Though it may not be an actual "plasma" cutter, it does emit five laser beams capable of burning whatever they touch.

The homemade replica sports three 30 milliwatt green lasers for aesthetics, but it's the two 1,500 milliwatt blue lasers that do the work. Of course, it probably won't help you against an angry pack of Necromorphs, but it certainly does some damage to a wooden board in the video above.

According to the AnselmoFanZero, the project took nearly 200 hours to complete. Though plans and specs will not be offered to the general public, interested geeks do have the option to purchase the functional Plasma Cutter replica by contacting the builder through his website. Just remember this thing isn't a toy, it could seriously hurt you.

[Destructoid via Gizmag]

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