Top 10 DC Comics Characters We'd Love To See As 'Injustice: Gods Among Us' DLC


With the recent announcement of intergalactic bounty hunter Lobo coming to "Injustice" as the first DLC character, we got to thinking about others who would be a great fit for developer Netherrealm Studios' DC Universe fighting game.

After the jump, we've got a list of ten characters who would be essential picks (and maybe should have been in the game at release), offering Batman, Lex Luthor, and the rest of the "Injustice" heroes and villains some formidable challenges while mining the legacy of the DC Universe.


10. Starro

As a serious fighting game, "Injustice" is light on the quirky, idiosyncratic characters. That doesn't mean there can't be room for a mind-controlling, galaxy-traveling, ultra reproducing starfish. Starro, an early Justice League villain, would make a perfect Shuma Gorath to the rest of the game's more traditional fighters.


9. Knockout

This former Female Fury once served DCU villain Darkseid before going rogue and running with the mercenaries of The Secret Six. It would be great to give "Injustice" another female heavy hitter besides Wonder Woman--and this one was forged from the fiery pits Apokalips, meaning you know she can stand toe-to-toe with the current roster of heroes and villains.

I would would have included sometimes JLA-er, Mister Miracle's main squeeze Big Barda, but there's something more vicious about Knockout that fits the darker tone of "Injustice."


8. Midnighter

I've written in the past about my affinity for this character, but man, what a great fit to "Injustice" Midnighter would be (as well as a way to get some of the Wildstorm characters out in front of a wider audience).

Created as a shameless Batman analogue over in the pages of "Stormwatch," this member of the defunct Wildstorm title "The Authority" was also one of the baddest fighters in that universe. The staff-wielding Midnighter's penchant for ultra-violence is aided by his ability to anticipate and plan several moves ahead of his opponents, usually resulting in the other guy being left as a pile of quivery, messy goo.

A leather-clad violence pervert, his grim beyond grim style is a natural fit for "Injustice."


7. Black Canary

When Green Arrow takes out a photo of Black Canary in the middle of the "Injustice" story campaign, I thought Netherrealm was teasing her presence as DLC.

The "Birds of Prey" heroine's whole thing is that she's one of the top hand-to-hand fighters of the DC Universe, making her a natural fit for a game based entirely around characters hitting one another in the face and guts. On top of which, Canary/Dinah Lance has a devastating sonic scream that's been known to take down some of the most powerful characters the Justice League has faced.

She would also make a great addition to the fast/light fighters in the game (which seems somewhat weighted towards heavier, more deliberate characters).


6. Reverse Flash

I'll admit it's the novelty factor and the possibility of having the Flash get his own Scorpion/Sub Zero-style matchup which put Reverse Flash on the list, because really, Gorilla Grodd was going to get this spot (psychic ape wins every time).

Okay, this could just be a simple palette swap, but the weird way that the longtime Flash villain's powers work would be interesting to see visualized in a fighting game. Instead of moving super fast, Reverse Flash/Zoom actually bends time around himself, making him arguably faster than the speedster whose life he's tried to ruin time and again.


5. Plastic Man

This seemingly immortal, incredibly elastic character would be great for dominating opponents across the screen.

Jack Cole's 1941 creation would offer limitless opportunities for the designers at Netherrealm to have a character move and fight in dramatically different ways than the other DCU characters. And given that he can take the shape of just about anything, there might be way to make him the Shang Tsung of "Injustice" (albeit without the ability to take on the special attacks of the characters that he's imitating).


4. The Demon Etrigan

The sometimes rhyming demon would make a nice mix of burly brawler and oddball magic user (he spits fire). There's something so compelling about the visual of this lumbering, hunched monster grappling with the other "Injustice" characters and not only is he visually distinct, but he would represent a slight height differential which could add an extra layer of challenge for players who rely on excess high attacks.


3. Zatanna

Outside of Raven, "Injustice" has a real lack of magic users. Zatanna, whose magic is based on saying words and phrases backwards to bend reality, was actually the character I expected Netherrealm to announce as part of the initial lineup to fill the role that Raven currently holds.

Zatanna might also bring a little more visual panache to the magic end of things, conjuring up objects and items out of thin air to compensate for her lack of physical prowess as a fighter (think "female Green Lantern," I guess).


2. Martian Manhunter

Depending on which continuity we're dealing with, Martian Manhunter has been one of the founding members of the Justice League and indispensable to nearly every incarnation. He'd also make a hell of a fighting game character, offering the super strength and speed of Superman with the bonus abilities to shapeshift and phase through objects and spaces.

Sure, he's got a profound fear of fire, but who doesn't have a little phobia?


1. Darkseid

A villain who represents the depths of evil in the DCU and the end of free will, Jack Kirby creation Darkseid is the only character to get Batman to pull the trigger on a gun in order to win.

The despotic ruler of the flaming hellhole of Apokalips is a New God, whose sheer strength is accompanied by his Omega Beam eye lasers which can not only disintegrate enemies but toss them back through time and space into an endless hell. Perhaps he could be considered a tad overpowered, but this is a game where science pills allow Green Arrow to not be dead in a fistfight with Superman.

The character is a no-brainer for any DC fighting game, potentially moreso than characters like Lex Luthor or the Joker.

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