CollegeHumor's 'BearShark' Endless Runner Available Now For 3DS

"BearShark" originated as an article series on CollegeHumor in 2010 and later debuted as a six-episode original series on on Nintendo Video for the Nintendo 3DS. Now, CollegeHumor is taking things a step further, announcing “BearShark” the game for Nintendo's latest handheld.

The game brings the series to life as a downloadable, single-player endless runner. Players will run, jump and swim as clumsy Steve as they try to escape the Bear and Shark tag-team hot on their trail.

"This release of the BearShark game is another excellent example of the new and innovative ways we are reaching our audience—wherever they are—as CollegeHumor continues growing as a multi-media, multi-platform studio," says Paul Greenberg, CEO of CollegeHumor Media. "And we’re also very lucky to have the chance to keep working with a terrific partner like Nintendo."

"It’s great to see new properties break on Nintendo 3DS. CollegeHumor is really embracing the unique entertainment proposition of the Nintendo 3DS platform," says Tony Elison, Nintendo of America’s senior director, Network Business. "The game continues the same outrageous fun of the video series that has garnered more than three million views on Nintendo Video in a matter of weeks."

The "BearShark" game continues the collaboration between CollegeHumor and Nintendo, which had previously brought Nintendo 3DS owners the 3D video series, “Dinosaur Office.” To celebrate the game's release, Nintendo will rerun all six episodes of the BearShark series on Nintendo Video beginning today.

"BearShark" is available now for $3.99 via the Nintendo eShop on Nintendo 3DS

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