Customize Xbox 360 And PlayStation 3 Controllers With KontrolFreek Shields

The team at KontrolFreek, makers of the joystick modifying FPS Freeks, have just revealed yet another way to customize your gamepad – KontrolFreek Shields. There's nothing more annoying than having a roommate, sibling or significant other greasing up your PS3 or Xbox 360 controller, and Shields will your give gamepad a unique look so everyone knows to keep their Cheeto covered fingers to themselves.

"We are excited to extend the customization and personalization option to the gaming community in a format that’s affordable and easy to apply," said KontrolFreek President and CEO Ashish Mistry. "At the same time, this product allows KontrolFreek to continue delivering on its mission of providing innovative gaming accessories that enhance the gaming experience."

After a positive response during a test launch last year, KontrolFreek is now ready to formally launch the Shield product line with a total of seven different designs. Whether you're looking for something extra loud such as pink digital camo or something a little more under the radar, KontrolFreek Shields have you (and your controller) covered. The best part is a 2-pack of Shields won't cost you an arm and leg, coming in at just $12.99. On top of that, KontrolFreek says they can be removed and/or repositioned without leaving any residue behind.

If you're look for a relatively cheap and easy way to customize your controller, you may want to head over to and see what they have to offer.

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