Warner Bros. Profiles Wonder Woman And Vampire Batman In The Upcoming 'Infinite Crisis'

The (multiple) DC universe MOBA unveils a pair of its melee-focused Champion characters: Amazonian warrior Wonder Woman and a vampiric version of the Batman.

Last week, developer Turbine unveiled "Infinite Crisis" during GDC, offering a hands-on to attendees (including our own Kevin Kelly). Wonder Woman and Nightmare Batman will join alternate universe takes on Doomsday, Captain Marvel, the Joker, and more in Turbine's effort to allow players to use (some version) of their favorite DCU character. The Batman on display in the video below would be the "Red Rain" version of the character, from the 1991 Elseworlds story pitting the Dark Knight against Dracula.

"Infinite Crisis" will be available later this year on the PC and beta registration is open now.

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