Want To Know Who Owns The 'No One Lives Forever' License? So Does Activision

The Monolith-developed spy spoof has changed hands so many times that even the company that theoretically owns it doesn't have a clue who can release or make more "No One Lives Forever" games.

In a video post over on One of Swords, Activision community manager tried to grapple with just this question from a fan of the franchise. Once upon a time, media conglomerate Vivendi-Universal and Activision merged, pooling together numerous franchises which the latter company has gradually shed over the years. One example Amrich cites is the raunchy "Leisure Suit Larry" series which was bought by a third party while other Sierra titles like "Space Quest" and "King's Quest" are safe and sound at Activision.

Now here's where it gets slippery: Vivendi owned FOX Interactive who in turn published "No One Lives Forever" back in 2000 for the PC. Monolith, the game's developer was subsequently acquired by Warner Brothers and somewhere in that tangle, the rights to "NOLO" has become a great bug question mark. Amrich consulted with someone at Activision who's familiar with their internal licensing and in their opinion, Activision doesn't at this time own "No One Lives Forever." Amrich also consulted with someone at Monolith to see if the Seattle-based studio might have snagged the rights back at some point, but they're equally confused about who owns the IP.

This mess means that there's currently no legitimate outlet for selling "No One Lives Forever" via Steam or GoG since no one knows who's actually authorized to distribute it for sale.

"No One Lives Forever" was released to critical acclaim back in 2000 and spawned a pair of sequels before vanishing off the face of the Earth.

[Source: One of Swords via Blue's News]

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