'Alan Wake' Fan Pays Tribute To The Survival Horror Game... With Rap

Just so you know, this fan rap contains spoilers from "Alan Wake," in case you haven't played it yet.

The video is the work of nerdcore rapper John H. whose YouTube channel features homages to classic comic supervillains, "Maniac Mansion," and "Matlock." His latest, posted earlier this week, focuses on the story of "Alan Wake."

I'm not a huge nerdcore guy (at least, not anymore--is M.C. Chris still a thing) but I like John H.'s flow here matching voice actor Matthew Porretta's line reading somewhat, particularly at the "That's when he heard the chainsaw" bit. "Alan Wake" had one of the better (and more eclectic) licensed soundtracks of this generation, and while "The Writer" doesn't fit in with what Remedy made, I can imagine a hypothetical universe where this would play as kind of a fun bit at the back end of the long-ish credits.

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