Fox And Microsoft Figure Out 'Killer Instinct Trademark' Situation

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Does a trademark deal which would have headed off a conflict between the publisher and media conglomerate FOX mean there's more "Killer Instinct" in our future?

The Trademark Coexistence Agreement, spotted by NeoGAF user Rösti allows both Microsoft and FOX to use the "Killer Instinct" name should, you know, one of the companies has something they want to do with it. FOX ran a short-lived series back in 2005 called "Killer Instinct" which led to some branding conflict between the two companies when MS set out to renew the trademark on the Rare-developed fighting game series last year.

It seems unlikely that Microsoft has been sitting on a new "Killer Instinct" announcement all this time, unable to release details because of a trademark conflict--I could imagine a situation where if Redmond wanted to make and release a new "Killer Instinct" and didn't have the name, they'd find some way to link it as a spiritual successor. But this does clear the way for them to market and release digital versions of the old games, right (on this point, I'm a little unclear on the nexus of agreements between Nintendo, Rare, and Microsoft)? Whatever the case, MS thought it was worth reaching out to FOX to amicably resolve the trademark dispute so they must have something in mind for the franchise.

[Source: Game Informer]

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