Gameplay And Enemies Are The Spotlight In The Latest 'Remember Me' Trailer

Cyberpunk heroine Nilin shows off some of her moves in the newest video from Dontnod's upcoming "Remember Me."

Besides giving us a look at the healthy roster of enemies in Neo Paris that will cross Nilin's path, the trailer also gives us a glimpse of the rhythmic melee combat along with some of Nilin's ranged attacks. This "memory hunter" and member of the group called "Errorists" is out to take down the memory-hogging evil corporation Memorize. Developer Dontnod and publisher Capcom aren't shy here about revealing some of the characters (and what look like a few of the game's bosses/mid-bosses), a rarity for marketing games of this type.

"Remember Me" will be available on June 4 for the Xbox 360, PS3, and PC.

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