Smuggler's Run: "The Last of Us" Makes its Mainstream Debut with New-ish Trailer

by Joseph Leray

Naughty Dog's pedigree notwithstanding, there are about a billion things that might turn people off of the team's upcoming "The Last of Us": maybe you're just sick of zombies, or third-person shooters, or third-person shooters about zombies. Maybe you'd just rather watch The Walking Dead on AMC.

Incidentally, that's exactly where Naughty Dog chose to premiere the new trailer, embedded above.

Here's what I do like about "The Last of Us," though: the enemy and audio design seem interesting, and I'm happy to see a Southern leading man that isn't a lazy redneck stereotype. It's hard to get jazzed about a white dude with brown hair with a gun these days -- especially when there are so many other under- or misrepresented groups for games to choose from -- but it's nice to see a hero from below the Mason Dixon that isn't accused of incest.

Anyway, onto the trailer itself: most of it is recycled from the game's Video Games Awards presentation last year. That's somewhat disappointing, but it's easy to lose site of the fact that popular games like, oh, "Tomb Raider" can sell 3.4 million copies and still not break even -- if Naughty Dog needs to re-use a trailer to grab the attention of Walking Dead fans, I'm not here to judge.

"The Last of Us" is a PlayStation 3 exclusive and will hit store shelves on June 14th.

[PlayStation Blog]

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