'You Don't Know Jack' Devs Introduce 'Lie Swatter' For iOS

Fans of "You Don't Know Jack" will definitely want to check out "Lie Swatter" for iPhone and iPad. The latest mobile release from Jellyvision Games asks players to "separate strange fiction from stranger fact," and it couldn't be more entertaining.

Like other free-to-play mobile games, players start matches by finding an opponent through Facebook, email, username search or random matchmaking. Once the match begins you choose from a list of categories that could include anything from New Zealand to Tony Danza to dolphins. With the category chosen, a list of seven statements in the form of flying bugs is introduced. From there it will be up to the player to decide which of the ridiculous claims are lies and which are truths. Swat a lie and you earn some points, swat a truth and you lose points.

As a part of the "You Don't Know Jack" family, we knew going in that "Lie Swatter" would deliver some laughs, along with a few cringe-worthy moments. For instance, who knew Tony Danza and Tupac were pen pals? Or that Ke$ha made a bra out of her fans' teeth? This is the kind of trivia that only the Jellyvision Games can deliver, and they've done it well.

As a free-to-play title there are some small annoyances, one being the inclusion of ads that pop up between each round. Players are also limited to only four active matches at a time, which is a little disappointing if you get sucked in and want to lock down some solid trivia time. On the upside, there is the option of upgrading to the Extreme Platinum Turbo Deluxe Version for $1.99, which gets rid of all the ads and allows unlimited matches.

If your a fan of Jellyvision Games' trademark humor I strongly suggest you download "Lie Swatter" when you get a chance.

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