The 'Dark' Trailer Introduces Us To Vampire Eric Bane

It looks animation appears a little stiff and the lead character design is so 2008, and yet there's something about the trailer for vampire stealth action game "Dark" that sucks me in.

Maybe it's the robust skill tree in Kalyspo Media's "Dark" that's doing it for me here, offering a broad range of powers for vampire hero Eric Bane (ehh) to use on the corporate goon enemies in the trailer. While skulking around corners and in the shadows, Eric will be able to upgrade his vampiric abilities and make dialog choices throughout the campaign to affect the story according to the official site.

Here's the (rather unwieldy) synopsis:

Your kind is still alive, even though they have been long since dead. They have lived undetected for centuries among men, but they are not men anymore. Vampires are not a legend, and you are one of them. Your name is Eric Bane, and yesterday evening, you were still a man. But when you woke up this morning, you felt incredibly powerful and thirsty -- a thirst for blood. As a new-born vampire, you will soon discover even the world of vampires is a place of deceit and intrigue. In the course of your investigations, you will end up between the minions of a powerful vampire lord, mankind security forces and the secretive M17 special unit, which only goal is to hunt down and kill vampires for good.

DARK is a stealth and action-adventure game with RPG elements, in which you take on the role of the ultimate hunter: a vampire. Ambush your enemies in the dark, roam in the shadows and use powerful vampire skills to get rid of your opponents. The intricate story of DARK will take you in the midst of a world of blood and darkness, where the hunter is also the prey. Strike the other vampires, improve your character and develop formidable skills such as instantly disappearing from view to take your enemies by surprise.

"Dark" will be available this summer for the PC and Xbox 360.

[Source: Game Informer]

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