Do All Turian Cruisers Look Like Garrus' Head?

Turian-Crusier-04-032613 copy

Dark Horse announces a Turian ship replica from "Mass Effect" and I just can't help thinking there's a species who built their entire space fleet to look like their distinctive bird/insect noggins.

Maybe it's just me? I don't know, but I keep thinking back to Johny Byrne-era Braniac's ship over in "Action Comics" back in the 80s, a skull-shaped thing, drifting through space with a shape just like that of the lunatic robot that created it.

The Turian ship is the latest "Mass Effect" vessel from the Dark Horse Deluxe line. In the press release, Dark Horse notes that it looks somewhat like the Normandy thanks to a collaboration between its Turians and the Alliance in the construction of Shepherd's space ride.

The $34.99 replica will be available on November 6 and include a card "with a unique code, that will enhance the Mass Effect game experience for individual consumers." I have to assume that's for "Mass Effect 3," right?

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