OUYA-Exclusive ‘Soul Fjord’ Mixes Blaxploitation And Vikings (Kinda)

It’s the latest from “Airtight Games,” the studio behind last year’s “Quantum Conundrum” and the latest brainchild of “Portal” designer Kim Swift, and it features afros and the undead.

The OUYA-exclusive is “a randomly generated, dungeon-crawler with rhythm-based combat set in a fantasy universe where the genres of 70’s Funk and Soul has melded with Norse mythology.” Which is a lot to take in. The lead character is the unlikely viking Magnus Jones, who died in battle, only to be resurrected by Odin to prevent Loki from kicking off Ragnarok. Think of it as “Thor” as filtered through a PG “Black Dynamite.” They even homage Tom Jung’s original poster for the 70’s classic “Super Fly” in their promotional art for the game.

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