Interview: ‘Remember Me’ Composer Olivier Derivere

One feature of Dontnod’s upcoming action title “Remember Me” that’s not often discussed is the way the game’s music is heavily influenced by the fractured state of courier heroine Nilin’s memories.

To create this dynamic score, Dontnod enlisted veteran composer Olivier Derivere (“Alone in the Dark,” “Of Orcs and Men”), who describes his score as “a reconstruction around Nilin’s memory.” We spoke with Derivere recently about his work on “Remember Me,” composing for action, and making the organic digital. Plus, enjoy samples of his upcoming soundtrack.

MTV Multiplayer: First, could you tell us a little about your background and how you came to work with Dontnod on “Remember Me?”

Olivier Derivere: I’ve always been fascinated by video games. When I first saw and heard “Shadow of the Beast” on Amiga I had an epiphany: I wanted to make games. I studied science to become a game programmer; on the other hand, I was studying music since I was 5. It occurred to me, and others, that I was a better composer than a programmer. So I started to score games such as “Obscure,” “Obscure 2,” “Alone In The Dark,” “Tangled” and Of “Orcs and Men.”

I ended up working on “Remember Me” because I got selected after a pitching process.

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