Longtime Batman Actor Kevin Conroy Won't Be In 'Arkham Origins'


The man who's given voice to the Caped Crusader for 20 years now across games, animated features, and television won't be returning for the "Arkham" prequel, according to WB Montreal.

Speaking with South Africa's NAG magazine, a WB Montreal representative explained that since "Arkham Origins" was a prequel, they wanted to go another direction for voice talent. While the studio, who's taken over the franchise from "Arkham City" and "Arkham Asylum" developer Rocksteady, didn't say just yet who would be playing Batman, they did announce that Nolan North would have multiple roles in the game including the Penguin and central villain Black Mask. Tom Kane and Martin Jarvis would be making their return from the previous "Arkham" games as Commissioner Gordon and Alfred.

Conroy, who's voiced Batman since the debut of "Batman: The Animated Series" has reprised the role everywhere from "Justice League" Netherrealms' "Injustice: Gods Among Us." With his gravelly yet human voice, Conroy is kind of the platonic ideal of the ultra-competent Batman, perhaps not the right fit for WB Montreal's earlier incarnation of the character.

"Batman: Arkham Origins," which is out on October 25 for the Xbox 360, PS3, PC, and Wii U, will see a younger Batman facing off against a group of assassins as well as criminal kingpin Black Mask.

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[Source: Polygon]

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