Next From 'Dead Island' Developer Techland: 'Hellraid'


Techland goes in for a cooperative, medieval, first-person hack and slash RPG for the PC and consoles.

In this morning's press release, Techland promised a game mixing elements of an RPG and an FPS for their next title, the four-play cooperative/competitive "Hellraid." The points-driven game will see you (and possibly three of your friends) cutting a presumably bloody swath through the forces of, I don't know, evil I guess, featuring a scoring system that tallies each player's kills. From the sound of it, they've taken the "Dead Island" template, added magic, and dropped in three other players.

"Hellraid" will feature that Techland's calling their Game Master system which provides random, system-generated online challenges.

"Hellraid" will be out sometime this year on the Xbox 360, PS3, and PC.




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