Metallic Silver and Gold PlayStation DualShock 3 Controllers Incoming

Though the upcoming DualShock 4, set to accompany the PlayStation 4, may be the talk of the town at the moment, Sony hasn't forgotten about the gamers who may be looking to pick a new controller for their PS3. In fact, a sparkly silver metallic DualShock 3 is heading to North American shores this June.

As expected, aside from the flashy new paint job, the new Metallic Gray DualShock 3 is the same as any other DualShock 3. To to refresh your memory, that means this slick looking controller features Bluetooth connectivity, vibration feedback and the classic PlayStation design. It will also connect to a Sony Xperia smartphone, should you have one in your possession.

It's not available just yet, but if you head over to Amazon you can place a pre-order for the $55 controller, with shipping expected to begin on June 3rd.

If the Metallic Gray isn't your thing, why not check the awesome Metallic Gold DualShock 3 seen below? It's the same price, but comes out a bit sooner on Tuesday, April 30th.

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